Silverado Contractors, Inc.

Bridge and Transportation

Silverado has extensive experience working on public works projects throughout the state. Silverado performs a wide range of bridge and transportation demolition work including bridge removal, bridge widenings and retrofits as well as airport runway and taxiway pavement removal.

Bay Bridge

On Labor Day Weekend of 2007 Silverado successfully completed the demolition of a section of the Bay Bridge at Yerba Buena Island. Two years later the Bay Bridge was closed once again. On Labor Day Weekend of 2009 Silverado performed the demolition required to remove a 300 foot long section of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Once the double decker section of roadway was cut free it was jacked and the 3,200 ton section of bridge was rolled out by Mammoet and the new connector section to the temporary detour roadway was rolled into place. After traffic was diverted to the detour structure Silverado began the removal of the four double deck truss spans and adjoining concrete viaduct. This demolition will make way for the new bridge, currently under construction, to connect to the Yerba Buena Island Tunnel.

Carquinez Bridge

Silverado removed three elevated approach ramps to the Carquinez Bridge. The existing eastbound and westbound on ramps and the westbound off ramp. The connecting ramps were approximately 1,200 feet long concrete spans on steel composite girders. The westbound off ramp to Crockett was a 900 foot long steel truss bridge. All told, over 3,000 tons of steel and 10,000 cubic yards of concrete were off hauled for recycling.

Maxwell Bridge

C.C. Myers contracted Silverado to remove the 50 year old Maxwell Bridge in Napa, CA. A new span had been built beside it. Silverado cut the bridge into 5 large pieces, lowered the sections utilizing a barge mounted crane, and transported downstream barges to a local steel recycling facility. The demolition work occurred over one of only five navigable waterways in California, and as such, special care had to be taken when other vessels had to cross the straits spanned by the bridge.

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