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Building Demolition

Demolition is Silverado's primary focus. Our estimators provide proactive solutions and competitive estimating services to meet any task while our project managers and superintendents ensure a level of safety and professionalism unmatched in the industry. From selective structural demolition to decommissioning of entire sites Silverado has the experience to plan and execute your project on time and on budget.

Bank of America Clock Tower

In order to make way for two new 60 story concrete towers in the new Rincon Hill district of San Francisco, the distinctive Bank of America Clock Tower (formerly the Union 76 Tower) had to be removed. The 240 foot tower was demolished, one triangular shaped floor section at a time. The entire tower was safely brought down to the ground in only 40 shifts. Additionally, Silverado demolished the attached 3 level parking structure and 100,000 square foot office building.

Boarding Area "A", San Francisco International Airport

After San Francisco International Airport constructed its new international terminal, the old Boarding Area A impeded the airports expansion to allow more international jetways. Silverado's project managers and superintendents have done extensive work at the airport, and were awarded the contract to demolish the 140,500 square feet boarding area building and its foundation. The extensive foundation system for the rotunda portion was removed in 6 working days, enabling a rapid expansion.

Old Del Monte Plant 51

Silverado was contracted to aid in the transformation of the old Del Monte fruit processing plant in San Jose into condominiums. Silverado demolished the interior of the 3 plus acre plant, and had our subcontractor shore the 40 foot high exterior brick walls using a proprietary structural steel shoring system. Then Silverado excavated the site for a new parking structure and removed over 40,000 tons of contaminated soil.

BART LMA Demolition

Silverado completed the dismantlement of the seven-story Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) LMA building in downtown Oakland. The former office tower was no longer a seismically viable structure and therefore had to be removed. The steel and concrete precast building was constructed over a massive basement facility housing BART police and the main system control center for the entire BART operation. Due to the extreme sensitivity to noise and vibration the building had to be systematically deconstructed using methods and equipment that would minimize vibrations transferred to the basement structure. Prior to demolition activities the entire building was abated including large volumes of asbestos fire-proofing. Silverado erected a tower crane on-site in order to efficiently and safely make the many crane picks required. In addition a 300 ton hydro crane was mobilized to remove a satellite dish and two 100’ tall antennas mounted on the roof. This operation required coordinating with BART as well as the City of Oakland as closure of a busy street leading to the I-880 Freeway was required.

14th Street Buildings, Former Oakland Army Base

Silverado has completed multiple contracts for the Port of Oakland, including the 14th Street Buildings demolition project. This included the demolition of nine buildings located at the Former Oakland Army Base. The buildings included four large three story concrete structures as well as four smaller two and three story wood buildings and one steel framed building, with a combined square footage of more than 200,000 square feet. The contract required asbestos abatement of all the buildings and complete removal of the buildings and their associated foundations. In addition hazardous soils were excavated and stockpiled for removal and disposal. All the clean concrete from the site was trucked to the Port's onsite concrete crushing operation for later reuse. All underground utilities were cut and capped and the entire six acre site was graded.

Building 590, Former Oakland Army Base

The project consisted of the removal of a 363,000 square foot wood and concrete warehouse building that had formerly been both a postal sorting facility as well a barracks and commissary for the Former Oakland Army Base. All hazardous materials were abated and the building was demolished. During demolition wood columns and beams were salvaged and all clean concrete was processed and transported to an onsite crushing operation. The slab, foundations and over 800 concrete piles were removed and then the entire eight acre site was graded for future reuse.

399 Fremont

Fifield Companies of Chicago contracted Silverado to remove three concrete mid-rise structures located in the Rincon Hill neighbor of San Francisco. The buildings were located at the intersection of Fremont Street and the Harrison Street off-ramp of Interstate 80. All buildings were abated prior to demolition activities. Due to the height of the structures and the sloping site a high-reach excavator was utilized in order to safely remove portions of the structures. The site was shored and graded, prepping the site for future development.

10th & Market

The project required the demolition of a five-story structure located at the busy intersection of 10th and Market Streets in downtown San Francisco. The demolition required extreme attention to detail due to the construction of the structure. The five story structure was actually made up of several smaller two-story structures which then had a three-story addition added on top. This required onsite personnel to develop multiple dismantlement procedures for the varying structural conditions as each bay of the building was removed. Concrete rubble from the site was recycled and used onsite as ballast shoring for the remaining basement walls.

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