Silverado Contractors, Inc.

Excavation and Earthwork

Our capabilities do not stop at demolition; our operators are skilled earth movers as well. Silverado's capacity to perform demolition and then the subsequent foundation/site preparation maximizes your resources and reduces your subcontractor coordination efforts. Silverado performs mass excavation, grading, structural excavation, tight access excavation and backfill. In addition Silverado has the correct license and trained staff to perform hazardous soils removal.

Union Square

Silverado Contractors was selected to remove 3,000 tons of existing park improvements and excavate 4,000 tons of lead contaminated soil from Union Square in San Francisco. The excavation, and removal of improvements, including recycling of the old granite planter walls, was done adjoining active city streets and above an active parking structure.

Yerba Buena Island

Caltrans contracted Silverado to demolish the existing two story Treasure Island Fire Station to create access for the construction of the new Bay Bridge approach to the island. The contract also required the installation of a temporary shoring system to allow for a careful excavation of the site. Silverado worked closely with an archaeology team studying the remains of an Ohlone Indian seasonal camp that existed on the island before the westward expansion.

Excavation of hazardous soil within an archaeological area requires extreme caution and precision. Silverado worked on an hourly time and materials basis assisting with the archaeological team that was investigating the site. This teamwork approach yielded a cache of shell, bone, and artifacts, dating to 12,000 B.C. Archeologists also found artifacts from a family who had lived on the island between 1849 and 1868 and remains from the U.S. Army's Post and Depot. Among the many artifacts found were ironstone plates, ink and beverage bottles, metal and bone buttons, eyeglass lens, a whetstone, and an 1854 Canadian token.

Sacred Heart Preparatory High School

This project involved the construction of a new theater in the middle of an existing building, which required the containment and excavation of 2,500 tons of soil. A custom debris ramp was build and installed to allow safe removal of the soil while giving students needed access.

9th and Jessie

Silverado Contractors was contracted by Cahill Contractors to perform the mass and structural excavation for a new 12 story, HUD funded low income residential structure. Due to the past use of the site the sand was contaminated with high levels of lead from the 1906 earthquake burn zone. In all 5,200 tons of material was hauled from the site. Also included in the scope of work was the backfill, compaction and installation of the subgrade rock for the new mat slab.

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