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Industrial / Plant Demolition

From retooling your production line to decommissioning your entire plant, Silverado can provide solutions. Completed projects have included removing entire electrical substations, salvaging pressure vessels, and dismantling steel structures from within actively operating facilities. Through careful planning and creative solutions, we can help modernize your facility without impacting your operation.

PG&E - Humboldt Bay Power Plant

Silverado performed the dismantlement of Fossil Units 1 and 2 for PG&E at their Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant located in Eureka, California. Silverado's full service contract took the plant from fully operating through the cold and dark process, abatement and cleaning of all hazardous materials and oils, dismantlement of all structures, final site cleanup, and grading operations. Included in the scope of work was the complete removal of the three million gallon liquid fuel tank, system, and associated piping. In addition Silverado was able to facilitate for the client a beneficial asset recovery program. Silverado completed the complex project ahead of schedule and with over 50,000 man hours expended had not a single accident or even a first aid incident. All work was performed directly adjacent to the Unit 3 Nuclear Reactor, which required daily coordination with the Nuclear decommissioning team at this high-level secured site.

Morro Bay Power Plant

Silverado removed all six of the fuel oil storage tanks that supplied the Morro Bay Power Plant. The tanks combined capacity was 34 million gallons. The tanks were located in an extremely ecologically sensitive sand dune with endangered species. The site was also an Indian heritage site, which required coordination with the onsite Indian representative.

PG&E - Midway Substation

Considerable preparation went into the removal of five 500,000 volt step-down transformers from the active PG&E Midway Substation. This facility is the connecting substation for all power flow between Northern and Southern California.

GE Nuclear Test Stand

General Electric contracted Silverado to demolish a nuclear reactor test tower at the GE Nuclear Facility in San Jose. The scope included dismantlement of water supply piping, the gantry service crane for the test vessel and the surrounding five story tower.

PG&E - Newark Substation

Silverado was contracted to remove five 400,000 pound condensers and related switch gear at the active PG&E Newark Substation. The condenser’s foundations were removed and backfilled with clean fill.

C&H Sugar

C & H Sugar contracted Silverado Contractors to remove a turn of century boiler fan house to make way for a new automated rail stacking system. As the fan house was in the middle of the active plant significant efforts were made to isolate the work area and control dust migration. The contract also included restoring the exterior of the building with a new kynar painted metal skin.

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